The logo of Outsider Collective. A crow inside a circle.

Outsider Collective

Research and Blinkenlights Department
Outsider Research Labs Logo. It shows a crow holding a marble in its beak perched on the lip of a beaker containing water. The crow appears to be dropping marbles into the beaker to raise the level of the water inside it.

Outsider Research Labs builds and upgrades chemical instrumentation: custom PID control and monitoring systems for aquaponics, and digital retrofits for analogue sensors used in liquid feed distribution lines.

Notice: We're not taking on new projects. Use the Contact Form below or call me, or e-mail me for maintenance queries: thav araj @ [remove the spaces the outsider .in]

Software and other Coding Distractions department
Outsider Softworks is now developing a game -- an open-world isometric rpg built in Unity 3D. Stay tuned.
swGIS Logo. A map-pin with a recyling icon inside. swGIS, a custom geographic information system developed for SWaCH in 2019. Contained real-time information on SWaCH's waste-management operations in Pune, India. It's still in use, I think. (Requires registration with SWaCH)
Media and other Creative-ish Stuff Department
From a Person to a Professional. A comprehensive textbook on Occupational Health and Safety designed for use by solid waste management workers.
The Outsider Films Logo. It features a crow and a labrador retriever. Outsider Films. The film company of Calculus Dogbertus and Amit Thavaraj.
The Waste Matters Photoblog Logo. It looks like two strips of paper intertwined to look like a W and an M The Waste Matters Project. A photo-documentary of the people employed in the solid-waste management sector of Pune. Initially planned as a 10-month project in 2010, Waste Matters was active from 2010 - 2015. Photographs from Waste Matters appeared in articles and websites around the world. All photographs are available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence.
A functional MRI scan of the Outsider's brain. It looks exactly like... what it says on the tin. Inside the Outsider. Yes. Yes. I know. If you can think of a better name or (even better) a worse name for my personal blog, do let me know. Meanwhile, if you have some time to spare, take a look inside.